Monday, September 19, 2011

Nuts About Reading 2011: Success for Tomorrow!

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania partners with QSP and Ashdon Farms for the 2011 Nuts About Reading Program. This year’s program will run from September 19 through October 24.

Each year a motivational mascot and theme are selected to unify the program’s focus and efforts.

Theme and Mascot
This year’s Nuts About Reading theme is Investing in Today=Success for Tomorrow. This theme encourages girls to invest their time and effort to accomplish their goals. They are also investing in their “tomorrows” as competent and successful adults who work, lead and care intensely.

Meet this year's mascot, “Arlie” the arctic fox. An arctic fox is a master of survival and has key features that help it to thrive in the wild. It has deep, thick fur that changes color with the seasons, a thick tail to aid in balance and furry paws that allow it to walk on ice. Just as the arctic fox has finely tuned survival features, our Nuts About Reading Program helps teach girls skills to thrive in the business world.

Interlocking Patch
Check out this year's Nuts About Reading patch set! Each year an interlocking patch is created as part of the program.  Each piece represents an achievement of a different aspect of the program for that year.  

Here are some helpful links to web sites that provide useful information and activities related to the Nuts About Reading Program:

· This is the web site where all of your Nuts About Reading transactions will be recorded. Each troop will have specific login credentials that will be given to them by their Service Unit Nuts About Reading Managers.

· This web site, sponsored by Ashdon Farms, contains various activities, including a goal setting activity and activity poster. This site also contains clipart, safety and selling tips. 

· : This is the GSUSA link for Product Programs and provides information and resources pertaining to both Girl Scout Cookie and nut/magazine programs.

· : This is a web site with information about businesses and money management for young adults.

· : A helpful web site, containing tons of information pertaining to arctic foxes.