Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girls are Reaching Their Goals Faster by Inviting Facebook Friends!

Has your Girl Scout sent out emails to friends and family yet or asked her parent(s) to invite Facebook friends?  If not, she is missing out on exciting activities that are part of the QSP/Nut Online Program.

When sending emails and/or posting to a parent’s wall in Facebook, friends and family will have the option to renew or purchase their favorite magazines and/or to make nut promises while supporting their Girl Scout.

All orders resulting from emails sent and Facebook friends track back to the Detailed Order Report.  At the end of the Nuts About Reading Program, the parent can simply login and print the “Detailed Order Report.” This report needs to be given to the Troop Nuts About Reading Manager to receive the “Online” patch and credit towards proceeds and recognitions for all subscriptions and nut promises made online by the conclusion of the program.

Click on the QSP/Nut Online Link to get started!