Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New This Year!

We are excited to offer new features and products to the 2011 Nuts About Reading Program.

New Products:

6 oz Mint Treasures: A mix of chocolate and mint that will melt in your mouth offered in the “Journey of a Lifetime 100th Anniversary Girl Scout” tin. Price $8.00

6 oz Blueberry Pomegranate Nut Crunch: A combination of sweet blueberries and crunchy nuts offered in a new stand-up, re-sealable bag. Price: $6.00 

Pop Top Three Pack: 5 oz Honey Roasted Cashews; 5 oz Spicy Peanuts; 5 oz Wasabi Almonds, packed together to create a perfect holiday gift. Price: $10.00
7 oz Holiday School House Village Tin: This collector’s tin contains a favorite sweet and salty snack—Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Price: $8.00

Digital Subscriptions 

We are pleased to be offering more than 60 digital magazines on qsp.com this fall!  Leading titles for Fall 2011 include Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Oprah, Seventeen, and Parenting.   People, Time, and Sports Illustrated plan to give print subscribers free access to a digital version of the magazines as well. Most of the digital magazines QSP offers will be fulfilled via the Zinio platform, which is device-neutral.  That means subscribers can access their digital content from computers, iPads, other tablet devices, mobile phones, etc. 

New Features

Pay Up Front Magazine Forms: During the order taking period, girls will collect money for magazine orders. Customers will then keep the pink copies of the QSP subscription forms. Please keep in mind that girls do NOT collect money upfront for nuts and candy. This process of paying up front for magazines will allow customers to receive their magazines sooner.

ACH Pilot: ACH stands for Automated Clearing House (ACH) and is the process used for direct deposit and electronic bill payment. As GSEP moves toward a Council-wide implementation of ACH for both Product Programs during the 2012-2013 Product Program year, we are going to be piloting ACH with a select group of Service Units for the 2011 Nuts About Reading year.

NAR Bucks (Voucher): This year a girl will be given the option to choose whether she would prefer to receive NAR Bucks (a voucher good for use at GSEP Retail Shops, GSEP Programs/Events, GSEP Summer Camps, Neighobrhood Day Camps or for Gold/Silver Award expenses) or an incentive such as a plush arctic fox or ribbon tote for combined Nut/Candy and Magazine sales.