Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Products

We are excited to offer new features and products to the 2012 Nuts About Reading Program.

New Products:

6 oz Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins: Rich Dark Chocolate Penguins bursting with frosty mint. Price $6.00

6 oz Peanut Butter Bears: Milk Chocolate Bears with a smooth peanut butter filling. Price: $6.00 

5.1 oz Dulce De Leche: Fresh, milky caramel surrounded by smooth milk chocolate. Price: $6.00

6.5 oz Holiday School House Village Tin: This is the last of the series for this collector’s tin. This tin contains a favorite sweet and salty snack—Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Price: $8.00

6 oz Girl Scout Mailbox Tin: This is the new collectors tin for 2012. This tin contains Mint Treasures, smooth milk chocolate with a hint of mint. Price: $8.00 
9 oz Wasabi Almonds: Crunch Almonds roasted and coated with wasabi seasoning. Price: $6.00
Digital Subscriptions 

Most of the digital magazines QSP offers will be fulfilled via the Zinio platform, which is device-neutral.  That means subscribers can access their digital content from computers, iPads, other tablet devices, mobile phones, etc. 

New Features 

ACH : ACH stands for Automated Clearing House (ACH) and is the process used for direct deposit and electronic bill payment. As GSEP is utilizing a Council-wide implementation of ACH for both Product Programs during the 2012-2013 Product Program year.

Project Thank You:  Project Thank You is new to GSEP for the Nuts About Reading Program. Customers can donate $5 to troops serving overseas to provide them with Honey Roasted Peanuts or a magazine subscription. 

Booth Sales: We are no longer encouraging booths for the Nuts About Reading Program. If your troop is planning on holding a booth at a community event, please reach out to Amanda Harrity at Nuts and candy will no longer be able to be returned to council and will now be the troops responsibility.