Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Placing a Planned Order in Snap

In order to properly manage our inventory, we're asking troops to place planned orders in snap.  By placing a planned order, we'll know where and when you want to pick up select varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, thus guaranteeing your order.  Planned orders can be placed by noon the day before you would like to pick up your cookies. If you did not place an initial order, you will need to place a planned order to be able to recieve cookies. Please see the video below to learn how to place a planned order in snap.  Remember--you will still need to bring a completed T-8 form with you when you pick up your order.

If you are unable to place a planned order, a few locations will still be offering unplanned orders. For unplanned orders, we cannot guarantee your order and you will be limited to 50 cases. You will still need to bring a T-8 form to the following Council Sponsored Reorder Stations to pick up an unplanned order, provided that they are open on the day you would like to come:
  • Lehigh Valley Service Center
  • Shelly Ridge Service Center
  • Valley Forge Service Center
  • Read's Warehouse
  • Fischer Hughes Lansdale Warehouse.