Friday, November 30, 2012

Stay Connected

NewsbytesDuring the Cookie Program, any volunteer can elect to receive our Newsytes newsletter. Just visit and click on the eNews sign up on the bottom of the home page. You'll be prompted to enter your email address. Make sure to check “Newsbytes: Product Program Newsletter.”

SUCM MemosDuring the Cookie Program, Service Unit Cookie Managers can expect emails to come to them directly from their respective Product Program Manager. These emails will contain information that is not necessarily pertinent for anyone outside of this position. 

Facebook: GSEP Thin Mints: This is our Facebook group where you can post photographs from the 2012 Cookie Program and communicate with other volunteers! Just login to Facebook and add “GSEP Thin Mints” as a friend.

Twitter: @GSEPThinMints: Are you on Twitter? So are we! Receive updates on the Cookie Program by following @GSEPThinMints. Find forms, links and resources for the 2012 Cookie Program under “Cookies and More.” You can also check out our “Cookie Alerts” page to find out about reorder station closings.