Friday, July 27, 2012

Nuts About Reading 2012

MONDAY,  July 23, 2012
Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania partners with QSP and Ashdon Farms for the 2012 Nuts About Reading Program. This year’s program will run from September 17 through October 22.

Each year a motivational mascot and theme are selected to unify the program’s focus and efforts.

Theme and Mascot
This year’s Nuts About Reading theme is What can a Girl Do? . This theme encourages girls to use their unique skills and determination to create a better future. If they set their sights high and work together, they can reach their goals!  
 Meet this year's mascot, “Fiona” the Pink Flamingo.

Interlocking Patch
Check out this year's Nuts About Reading patch set! Each year an interlocking patch is created as part of the program.  Each piece represents an achievement of a different aspect of the program for that year.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top Sellers!

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania would like to announce the top level cookie sellers for the 2012 cookie season.

 For this major accomplishment, GSEP would like to recognize the girls who reached the achievement of selling the largest amount of cookies for their troop level.

The girls are being announced by troop level and in order of name, not boxes sold.

Anna Martin
Brett Farley
 Keighley Young
Samantha Kick
Sierra Williams

Erica Udo-Utun
Gloria Johnson 
Natalie Miles
 Sabrina Szajdek 
Tianna Pinkett
Amatullah Brown  
Erin McCullough  
Kymberly Willis
 Logan Rush  
Michaela Kelly

Antonina Kilmowicz  
Arianna Simmons
Brianna Davis
 Noor Bowman
Sara Cavalcanti 
Tamyah Stewart  

Gianna Brock
Kaylee Pham  
Rachel Thornton
Samira Merritt
Temani Mack       
Alyssa Smallberger 
Iyonna Rozier  
Kayley Boyle 
Nicolette Nikki Didonato  
 Simone Johnson    
We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements of our Girl Scouts and are honored and appreciative of all of their hard work and dedication to the program.